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Visitors on board

For a week we were on board together with our friends Petra and Jörg. Due to the low pressure forecast for the middle of the week, we cast off immediately. Our destination was Skjervøy, as a base for whale watching.

It was quite impressive to watch the humpback whales slapping the water with their huge fins. At the beginning we only saw one group, but then we caught more and more spots on the water with small water fountains. The spectacle was even more beautiful when orcas came along.

Otherwise we anchored, saw the northern lights and caught fish and seafood, which we then used for culinary purposes.

Last but not least, it snowed and we enjoyed being in the harbor, enjoying the wintry flair in Tromsø and shoveling the first snow off the boat. The port is now rather well filled and we had to raft up with other yachts at times.

In the meantime, we had had some orders sent to Germany, which now arrived with our friends in an extra piece of luggage. Now we can, for example, insulate our aluminum frames at the windows and hope for less condensation.

Being the four of us on board worked quite well. Visitors have their own space in the bow, even with enough space in the cupboards. The trip to Skjervøy was rather cold and we were able to take turns on the watch and warm up well below deck. Our "Dickinson" diesel oven was used and no longer rusted - we finally found the right setting for the oven. Everyone also found their own retreat to chill out. Another highlight was the joint use of the musical instruments on board: accordion and saxophone.

With our guests leaving, we are already looking forward to the first ski tour as soon as the avalanche situation permits. In addition to the leisure activities, we have a few to-dos on board that will accompany us in 2023. The next visitors have already registered. We are looking forward to an exciting 2023 on the Aegir!


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Sounds as though you are really living your dream…..congratulations…and happy new year!

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