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lakes of Switzerland

Sailing course on Lake Zurich - Hafen Enge, that's how it started. With the sailing license then membership in the Sailcom and Sailbox cooperatives. Over 100 boats on many Swiss lakes.

Sailing on Lake Constance and gladly over to the German shore and also on Lake Maggiore to Lombardy. Very often also sailing in the middle of the mountains of Central Switzerland on Lake Lucerne up to Lake Uri.

In addition to pure day-sailing, also with smaller yachts for long weekends or  weekly on Lac Leman in south-west Switzerland.


IJsselmeer 2012

Our first trip together outside of Switzerland took us to the IJsselmeer. At Easter 2012 we practiced port maneuvers and boat handling extensively with a skipper trainer . A good start for us - anticipated one or the other stressful situation and thus laid a good basis for our "sailing for two".

Cyclades 2012

In the summer of the same year we made a Cyclades trip. Starting from Athens, we went to the middle of the Aegean to Mykonos, Paros and Ios.

As expected, we had 14 days of stable weather - which is often the case in midsummer  "Meltemi" rather a lot of wind.

For us a very good experience to gain confidence in us and the equipment.