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About Us
Rexees = Christine (Kohly) + Gregor (Rexi)

We both come from Essen (NRW). Our paths crossed in high school and we became a couple after high school.

I, Christine did an apprenticeship in nursing and migrated to Switzerland in 1990.

I, Gregor, studied economics after an apprenticeship.

After a tried and tested long-distance relationship, our paths then came together in Switzerland in 1996. For 33 years we have been going through life together as explorers and adventurers . We discovered mountain sports for ourselves and experienced some adventures alone or with friends.


Then the direction in our life journey slowly changed. We came down from the mountains and approached the element of water.  Gregor dedicated himself to sailing in 2009. Christine joined in 2012. Since then we have continued our adventures on the water together and designed and experienced some great sailing trips together. With Gregor's in-depth knowledge and the proven approach of "learning by doing" together, we transferred our tried-and-tested roped partnership from the mountain world to the water world.

The dream of a ship and a new phase of life as a "pure sailor" grew and slowly took shape in 2020.

Christine Rex

What else is there to tell about me?

I was born in 1968 and am very satisfied with my life.  The saying "I'm proud to be a nurse" fits my career choice  - til today. And yet a major shift is now coming when it comes to caring more about myself, Gregor and our ship. 

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Gregory Rex

I was born in 1968 and grew up with two sisters in Essen-Byfang (DE). After studying in Bochum and Constance, I ended up in Zurich (CH) in 1995.

I certainly have a mind of my own and have always been curious and courageous in discovering the world. Planning is one of my greatest passions - be it for travel or cooking events. 

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