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Spring 2024 in Norway

Finally the time has come on 26 March. We set sail from Hellevoitsluis near Rotterdam in the direction of the Norwegian coast. This year's journey will take us from western Norway to the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

A favourable weather window takes us all the way to Oslo. With varying wind conditions, we can put our new sailing kit to good use and make good speed. We reach Oslo after just 3.5 days. Mooring outside the city harbour "Aker Brygge". The following morning we learn that the harbour is actually still closed. Luckily we are allowed to stay with the "winter price". A week of culture, art and metropolitan atmosphere awaits us. Christine opens the swimming season at 4.7 degrees. What a feeling of happiness! Another snowfall doesn't spoil our mood either.

People are repeatedly drawn to the Colin Archer design of our Aegir. There are a few pleasant conversations on the jetty and over coffee on deck. We were delighted to meet Rolf again - a Norwegian we met last summer at an anchorage near Grimstad. It was a great pleasure to be invited back and to enjoy his hospitality. Spending an evening with his wife Annemarie at their home rounds off the reunion and our trip to Oslo wonderfully.

The journey continues via Tønsberg to Risør. The summer holiday resort of Risør still looks quite tranquil. We spend a relaxed two days in the sunshine, all alone in the guest harbour. There's some boat work to be done and we try out new recipes, such as baking pretzels. Christine is happy about all the things you can do with baking soda.

Arendal town harbour is familiar to us from last year. Here we find a replacement for our broken anchor roller, which we absolutely have to replace. The promenade is also very busy at weekends in the low season when the temperatures are warm. It's party time on the motor yachts in front of and behind us. At Kristiansand, we are on our own again. The AIDA fills the town with travellers during the day and the tourist wave is over again in the evening. The architecture of the residential complexes right on the waterfront and their infrastructure (children's playgrounds, barbecue areas, green spaces, courtyards, fountains) impressed us. For people with disabilities, there is a railing with a ramp that leads directly into the water. However, there are no bathers to be seen at this time of year.

The journey continues along the south-west coast. Anchoring is once again done with a shore line and Gregor uses the beautiful spot for his first drone exercises. The entrance to Korshavn is impressively narrow. A pleasant walk takes us past pretty houses - almost through their gardens - into an enchanted little wood.

With great sailing winds from various angles and reasonable waves, we reach the Flekkefjord. There are white houses wherever you look. And we really like the rocky surroundings. Just like our next anchorage near Egersund. A bijou! Rough granite slabs invite us to scramble around on them and remind us of our earlier climbing experiences. As eagles circle the area, the wind dies down and Aegir lies in a smooth pool. The water is as smooth as glass and the sky is blue the next morning.

Motoring on towards Kvitsøy. There is little wind and we can hoist our Parasailer again. We feel calm and relaxed and sail almost silently across the water without any major swaying. The entrance to Kvitsøy harbour is once again very narrow and shallow. We love the early season - no two-way traffic! The first mooring manoeuvre is aborted in good time as nasty underwater rocks become visible on the jetty. Yet another peaceful little village awaits us. Pretty gardens present themselves to us. On a windy day, we explore the island on foot and make the acquaintance of the island's sheep.

The route continues towards Bergen. The plan is for relaxed stages through the inner fjord system with fishing spots and nice anchorages. We are already travelling for an entertaining month. The rhythm of small boat work, sailing and exploring landscapes and places suits us. The first visitors will soon be on board in Bergen and preparations are slowly getting underway.


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