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The last mile...

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

...has definitely started. The anticipation is growing and also slowly the impatience and expectation that we will finally move to the Aegir and off we go. In May we spent another 2 weeks on the Aegir and dealt with a teak strip around the ship. It was a huge effort to remove this and the joint adhesive.

Armed like dentists, we then took care of the rust spots and

finally painted and painted and painted with the help of our Dutch harbor master.... This process made us realize how slow the future would be. It was a great pleasure to work on our Aegir with my own hands again.

Our storm sail would also be ready. The small additional oven was delivered. This is worth mentioning, since some deliveries and installations are still missing and we are happy about any progress.

Back in Switzerland, we were able to sell our house at the notary on June 17th after a very short and very intensive process. June 17 is a great date to do

this. Because exactly 34 years ago, Gregor and I became a couple. What a gift! Now the last stage can begin. Gregor only has to work a few more days and is in the mood to say goodbye. A farewell party at the beginning of July with our friends will usher in the new post-job era with great pleasure. The house is getting emptier and the last to-dos are pretty well planned. The keys will be handed over at the end of July. The topic of an international health insurance company will keep us busy. But we are confident that we will find a good solution here. In order to accompany many steps on the Aegir, I have my first Flixbus experience (Zurich-Amsterdam) behind me. I'm "Captain" for almost 3 days. Aegir is out of the water and just getting a taste of the country air.

It's the antifouling turn and the final exterior work on the hull is pending (weld the exhaust, mount the forward scanner). In July I'll be more or less alone in the new home for three weeks. Who knows, maybe one or the other part will have to stay on land and not be allowed on the trip. In August we will start sailing properly on the North Sea - fingers crossed that our plans work out - and come back to the port for one last important milestone (furler motor for the mainsail). Then the last landing equipment is sold with the car. It should start by mid-September at the latest, true to the motto "Adventures are the holidays of life" (Joel Dicker).


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