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Refit and other preparations

Our winter break on the Aegir is being used to let Thomas Zjinschitz and his team update, check and add a few things. I am most looking forward to our new mainsail and the additional oven. Everything is going according to plan and we hope to be able to start on August 1st. There is still some time until then and we will soon be back on board and starting our work.

In the meantime, we'll get fit. We don't want to leave without a dry suit and appropriate training. We completed a great diving course in Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne with Iris Infanger . The equipment is now ordered and a few practice dives are already planned.

A little less fun but just as important is our medical know-how on board. There, too, we want to update ourselves together and do a weekend course led by SeaDoc.


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