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New phase of life

At the last yoga in the park, Lea guided the "warrior" with a look backwards and forwards as an image for the past and the future. We are left with wonderful experiences and memories of our life so far. We loved the brown-kites soaring just above our patio. Gulls have been mingling in the sky lately. This interesting spectacle fits with our shift. And at the end even a brown-kite landed in front of us on the garden lawn. Wonderful! From now on we will encounter other landscapes, animals and ways of life. The new phase of life also includes new togetherness. Hopefully we will never need a new skill: stitching up a wound, putting in an IV, setting a joint... SeaDoc's "Medicine on board" course gave us a few "tools" to take on board. A cool box filled with medication isn't exactly great, but it gives us a good feeling of being prepared.

An online splicing workshop has sparked our interest in trying it out in the future. And the idea of ​​making music together on the Aegir is exciting. Gregor has been playing the saxophone since he was young and has now rediscovered it. I have fulfilled a dream and have been learning the accordion for 6 months with an exceptional teacher - Aleksandar Aleksandrovic. It's a lot of fun to elicit full sounds from my "Lucia" (Hohner). And I'm even ready for a duet with saxophone "Wade in the Water". It's a great feeling to make music together - NEW! When I was over 50, I also learned how to sew. As a dressmaker's daughter, I didn't care much for it until now - Mama does that - but for the Aegir we bought a Sailrite. Pillowcases, anchor winch covers were already on the program and as a masterpiece I sewed a sweater for Norway. I look forward to more sewing projects on board. We have now started our new phase of life with our friends with a common "Tavolata". It was a beautiful tradition that ends here and leaves room for something new.


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