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Lygen Alps Ski Tours

The ski touring season has now really started for us with the increasing daylight. However, these tours often start with a boat trip from the anchorage to the land. On our first ski tour on the island of Arnøja, Christine was able to activate her climbing skills again and had to manage the "overhang" from the stern onto the rudder steps to get down into the dinghy. This was a perceived "5a" climb with cold water underfoot. So the combination of "Ski and Sail" brings interesting challenges...

In the meantime, we are enjoying the island of Uløya and the newly fallen snow. The dream weather and the great snow came just at the right time for a double birthday. After the tour, we were able to celebrate 125 years of life (Marco + Gregor) in the sauna and whirlpool at Hamnes. The day was rounded off by a fine meal prepared by the two celebrity chefs. Last but not least, we were able to sail a fast course back to Tromsø with a great downwind, using only our genoa. Here, we will now let the days we spent together with our friend Marco come to a wonderful end.

Additions and renewal of the ship's equipment are still a big issue. To be able to anchor better in narrow bays, we need very long shore lines. After we couldn't get any lines in our thickness in Tromsø, we were able to find a supplier in Kristiansund. The only question was where to send the order? Finally we were able to have the large packages sent to the harbour master, who kindly brought them to us by car on his way home.

Our last anchoring ended with "chain fitness". The remote control of the anchor winch was defective and we had to manually crank up 40 m of chain and the 60 kilo anchor. Early morning exercise was the order of the day. In the meantime, a new steering system is on board. Another highlight was that Gregor was finally able to get our router working with a Spanish data SIM and we now enjoy working WiFi almost everywhere on the ship. The mobile phone coverage in Norway is super good and we have had almost continuous reception so far - even in remote bays.

And there was also a "TO meeting" ( in Tromsø at the end of February: We met our club colleagues Marlene & Bert live for the first time, after having followed them very often in their moderation of the TO online seminars. A meeting as if we had known each other forever. Cordiality, interest in us and our Aegir as well as a lot of humour and tons of maritime experience. A very nice exchange!


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