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Happy new year

The first Christmas and New Year's Eve on the Aegir felt good and we had a enjoyable time. Tourist activities in Tromsø were increasing over years end. The Hurtigruten Ship spoiling out hundreds of tourists was quite often in town.

There was a lot of snow just in time for Christmas and we were able to keep fit with snow shovels. Unfortunately, there was a high risk of avalanches at first, so we didn't want to do any ski tours just yet. Here, too, it got relatively warm and at plus degrees everything on the Aegir melted away and the winter dress also disappeared a bit in the city. New Year's Eve was crowded at the harbor and we had a box seat in the bow of the Aegir to watch the fireworks over the water.

With a spontaneous visit from Switzerland, various internal projects, planning of the ski touring season here in Norway, zoom aperos and indoor sports on our stepper, we never got bored.

And now we could finally unpack the skis and set off. With a full moon and twilight, we start the ski season without a lack of snow and look forward to more ski tours in Northern Norway.


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