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Thoughts on Leaving

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The departure and leaving Switzerland occupies us more and more. Passing on things to family and friends, disposing of unusable items, selling them on Ricardo, sorting them for the ship and keeping certain parts and thus temporarily storing them with family and friends. The cats are expected to move to Alsace. A well-known person is interested in taking her. The thought of saying goodbye is slowly becoming more concrete and easier because we know the person.

Today I read an article "Homecoming to Switzerland" in the NZZ.

We're going home somehow. The ship sails under the German flag and is registered in Hamburg. Aegir will be our new home. We therefore return home and always have our homeland with us. The article says on the subject of travel and return "the return to commitments, to relations, to the relative - a relatively good family, a relatively comfortable house, a relatively fair state, a relatively good livelihood in a relatively comfortable environment, in which one is not happy, but relatively happy - the return to relations, the return to Switzerland". What will proportionality look like in our new piece of home?


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