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Friends aboard and new challenges

We are very happy that some friends are making their way to Norway. Ski tours, fishing, sauna, swimming, fine cooking together and exploring the area around Tromsø to Lyngen, The crew changes worked great. We were all quite relaxed about delayed luggage or late departures (Lufthansa strike...). Thanks to the good infrastructure in Tromsø for rental skis and two unexpected extra days of fantastic weather, the atmosphere with all crews was great.

With a watchful eye on the avalanche danger, we were able to do some very beautiful tours in breathtaking landscapes. The weather slowed us down a bit, so that we didn't always reach the planned summits.

Dinghy use now continued with motor, as distances or wind did not always invite paddling. For the first time, four of us went ashore fully loaded with ski touring equipment. Luck is when you have a jetty as a jetty. This was not always the case, so we had to think of new mooring tactics due to the tides. The dinghy anchor together with an "endless line" and the long fishing boot trousers were successfully used.

Since Christine is already eager to go to the sauna and swim in the harbour basin in Tromsø, this new hobby was expanded several times. At the anchorage off Anøya, the swimming ladder was already used and the cold water was tested together with Marco. With a warm shower afterwards, no problem at all! In Nordlenagen, a sauna was also waiting for us. This time Heike and Christine enjoyed a short swim directly on the beach. So far so good!

When a line got caught in our propeller, our dry suits were used for the first time and it wasn't cold at all. It wasn't a voluntary swim, though, so it was a bit stressful. We finally managed to free the propeller from the line. Practising with our complete diving equipment is now at the top of our To Do list!

On the subject of animals, we have seen a few seals and dolphins - always nice. Fortunately, self-caught cod is always on our menu. Last but not least, we had a wonderful sledding experience with Alaskan huskies in dream weather. It is wonderful to perceive the surroundings in a completely new way with sun and brightness. We haven't missed it, but we perceive it very intensively and enjoy every ray of sunshine.

It was a wonderful, educational and eventful March. The time was further enriched with culture in Tromsø and visits from fellow sailors, before it's time for the two of us to head to Lofoten in April. We will report back!


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