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First trip with Aegir

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

After a night drive with our friends Béatrice and Alain we reach the port of Monnickendamm at 5.30 am. We treat ourselves to an hour of sleep and a good breakfast. In glorious weather and without wind we set off.

Gregor masters the first parking maneuver brilliantly. We cruise through Amsterdam and pass two bridges and locks. The first mooring maneuvers are successful and we find that we still have room for improvement when it comes to line handling and the choice of the right ropes. In the port of Ijmulden there is even a good wind blowing, but we can get Aegir to the jetty easily. Happy and tired, we thank Neptun for this successful start.

The next day it's off to the North Sea in a longer trek towards Hellevoetsluis. The coast guard then wants to know a few things from us, since we have not yet re-registered the AIS and are now traveling with a Dutch radio number and a German flag. Gregor can answer all questions satisfactorily and we also mastered this first radio campaign well. After we crossed the shipping channel off Rotterdam in the afternoon, we waited a little longer for the high tide to approach our new port. We docked at 7:30 p.m. and were greeted by the harbor master. Here is now the new home for our Aegir for the next year. We are happy with the port and the berth and are enjoying the last evening on board for the time being.


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