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Boat projects - a long list ...

Arriving on board is not so easy in that many projects are not yet completed. In addition, there is always something to do behind the cupboards or under the bow lockers. Advantage: We are slowly gaining an overview of where we can best store our things.

Unexpected additional problems also arise, of course. But the motto still applies: Better now than on the go! Thanks to the great summer weather, we could finish a lot of paint and teak work.

On the weekends we travelled to Germany to see our families. Quite nice as we haven't seen each other that often in the last 30 years.

A good portion of endurance was required. On one hand we enjoy our working life and the small project successes, on the other hand there is the long list of projects that just doesn't get any smaller.

In addition, the delivery date of thenew motor for the mainsail furler was somewhat uncertain. We didn't want to leave without this feature. Two weeks ago we were able to dock at the company "Neumast BV" in Middelharnis to take the mast down again and have the motor installed in the mast.


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