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Arrival in stages

1. Stage: Around the "World Happiness Day" 2021 the time has come, finally we go to our ship. A week before departure we plan and pack what we will need on the Aegir. In glorious weather we arrive on OUR ship - together with the first craftsmen. The upholstery should be redone. Measures are taken and the order is placed. The ship feels good right away and we start cleaning. The next day, the handover of the ship can finally take place "live". For half a day we receive explanations from the former owner and I scribble note after note with notes for devices, filters, switches... full. The owner is leaving us as a new sailing mate and we will keep in touch. We drive home satisfied and full of ideas for purchases.

2. Stage: t Easter we will go to the Aegir a second time - this time for a planned 8-10 days. We can do the planned exterior plastering work in two days for a first cleaning. Oh dear, after the winter the boat is dirty and full of algae. And then comes the announced bad, cold and stormy weather. A few indoor projects are still pending, so we won't get bored either. For the engine service, we ordered the service technician who already knows the ship. Gregor watches carefully and makes notes for our future maintenance tasks. Due to the weather, it is becoming increasingly unsafe to approach our transfer to the new port in Hellevoetsluis. A two-day stage over the North Sea or over the "Standing Mast route" in 2-3 days is planned. Since the service technician has to come again, we decided to stay here and tackle the crossing for the next time.


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