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Across the North Sea to Norway...

The refit of Aegir is done. We are grateful and relieved. The weather window fits. With our fellow sailor Lea we run on 21.9. from the tram port in Hellevoetsluis. Pleasant conditions await us for the start. We are really looking forward to sailing, to us with the Aegir and the fjords in Norway. After the hot summer, first in Switzerland and then here in Holland, we are relaxed about the rougher weather with intact heating and good outdoor clothing. So the three of us start and master the first 472 nautical miles very well, including the night trips.

The downwind course feels - paired with the North Sea waves - rather violent. It's not so easy to find a good place to sleep in Aegir. The wind turns - much earlier than predicted - and we have it right on the nose. So we change our destination and head for Mandal. It's already clear that summer is over. The town seems rather deserted. But we are warmly welcomed at the jetty by the harbor master. The next day we continue directly to Farsund, with a perfect upwind course and great weather. It is impressive to navigate through the rugged stretches of coast, always curious to see whether there is really a bay or turn-off somewhere - as shown on the map.

Bild: Egersund

Main items on the shopping list are lobster pots and fishing lures. Having bought both, we are already on the road with our dinghy. And Lea catches the "catch of the day" - a nice cod. Gregor is happy to be able to serve us a fine dinner. The first lobster attempt fails, but we still have so much time. So we continue along the coast and end up in Egersund.

All in all, it is an instructive, first major trip for us with the Aegir: In addition, we very much enjoyed the company and the interested and active sailing and dealing with Lea.

We are happy with the start. What's new for us is that we no longer have the days of the week under control, don't always know exactly where we are in the morning, write down our to-dos with a "blackboard and chalk" and work them off and stay relaxed in one place - in wind and weather not right. We really like the way the Norwegians are - attentive, straightforward and helpful. We look forward to "sea".

Bild: Farsund


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