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From Egersund to Måløy

We are getting to know our Aegir in detail and slowly gather ship technicians skills on the job. Loose screws on the diesel supply meant that the generator no longer ran. Suck in diesel, fix the screw and it runs again. Dismantle the toilet pump and put it back into operation. Replace the converter for the navigation electronics. It got wet - shit happens - because water dripped through the heating chimney directly onto the electronics during heavy rain...

We are further on our way to Trondheim and have a lot of rain and wind. The handling on the Aegir and the maneuvers for two work great. To bring the ship to port - mostly without outside help - go well together. We are happy with our deckhouse to seek shelter in rough conditions. And yet the stages are exhausting at the moment with the weather conditions and the duration. Navigating between the islets and rocks is also challenging. Therefore we prefer to sail with daylight, which is slowly decreasing. The first dolphins were able to impress us once again.

After Bergen we continued to the Nordfjord and it was great - after finding a suitable place with 30 kt gusts not so easy - to be welcomed by eagles at an idyllic anchorage. A sunny day on the way to Måløy is wonderfully good. It's still cold, but somehow we seem to have gotten used to the temperatures a bit.


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